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New Honeywell Kromschröder catalog 2018
New Honeywell Kromschröder catalog is now available in hard copy
Until now, KC ProSupply has been a retailer of Rubinax couplings. However, the Rubinax series is no longer being produced, which is why we at KC ProSupply have decided to include GBX flexible couplings from Italian manufacturer AB Trasmissioni in our selection.
New Specialist dealer
We are your new Honeywell Kromschröder specialist dealer


VAT NO. 27 18 49 79.

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June 2013:

We are proud to announce, that we again, for the 3. time, have obtained the best financial rating, a tripple AAA rating from Soliditet.

BIRODAN A/S has existed in its present form, since 1983. The first of October 2000, BIRODAN A/S moved from Karlslunde, Zealand to Messingvej 38 B, 8940 Randers in Jutland. After 12 years in Randers, we are now situated at KC in Aarhus. Here we have both office and warehouse only 2 minutes drive from the motorway.

Map showing our location is shown in below contact box.

BIRODAN A/S deals in equipment for industrial gas, F-gas, ammonia and products for burner, boiler- and heat exchanger production. Our product line in liquid level gauge equipment and thermostats, thermometers and pressure gauges is used in many other segments.

BIRODAN A/S is agent for the following:


Industrial gas-, cryogenic and ammonia components.
Equipment for tanks, regulators, valves, safety relief valves, liquid level
gauges, break away couplings, filling equipment and other accessories.

Rochester Gauges International S.A.

Liquid level gauge equipment from Ø 300 mm up to Ø 5000 mm.
Used on pressure tanks, forklifts, oli tanks, water tanks and so on.
Ex. approved remote survey systems in many versions.


Viking pumps for transport of liquid gas (LPG).

FAS Flüssiggas-anlagen

Complete component program for Liquid gas and Ammonia.


Vaporizers for F-gas and Ammonia. ZIMMER, XP, TORREXX and direct fired vaporizers.
Equipment for burners, boilers, heat exchangers, air conditioning, refrigeration, etc.

S.I.T. la precisa

Gas control equipment, multifunctional controls, thermo elements, thermo electric safety valve,
electronic igniters, electrodes, piezo igniters,
pressure switches, pilot burners and other accessories for gas burners

IMIT s.p.a.

Thermostats, thermometers, thermo-manometers, manometers, digital temperature indicators, pockets, temperature pockets,
termerature probes, diverting valves, room thermostates and etc.

CAST s.r.l.

Special designed electrodes for burners etc.

Most standard items are available on BIRODAN A/S's stock. Other products we take home on order and because of frequent deliveries from our suppliers, we can offer an optimal delivery time.


P.O. Pedersens Vej 22

8200 Aarhus N​​

Phone: 86 44 87 34

Fax: 86 44 87 35

​E-mail: mail@birodan.dk​